Weekly Lawn Care Service Includes:

Lawn Mowing

American_MOWING_1Having a lawn that is mowed on a weekly basis ensures its aesthetic appeal all summer long. American Freedom Lawncare has several professional mowers suitable for various types of grass, and the knowledge to implement the correct height for your type of grass.


American_eDGING_1Edging is the process wherein the grass is precisely trimmed away from walkways, driveways, and patios leaving a sharply defined barrier between the grass and the concrete. Your yard will look neat, clean, and manicured.


American_WeedEater_1Weed-eating is necessary to complete trimming areas of lawn which are inaccessible with the mower — a small patch of grass between two ornamental trees, the fence line, around a raised flower bed, etc…

Grass and Leaf Blowing

American_BLOWER_1After your lawn is mowed, edged, and trimmed with the weed-eater, there may be lawn debris on your sidewalk, patio and driveway. American Freedom Lawncare uses its powerful leaf blower to blow the new grass clippings off those areas for a “just swept” appearance.



Enjoy the freedom from yardwork and let American Freedom Lawncare fulfill your lawn needs.

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